Tidal patterns found in the ocean

Tides are periodic rise and fall of the sea surface due to the attraction of the sun & moon their effect is noticeable in costal oceans. Tides are due to the forces of:

Gravitational attraction of sun on the earth

Gravitational attraction of moon on the earth

Centrifugal force generated by rotating earth.

There are 2 type of tides:

1. Daily tides

2. Monthly tides

1. Daily tides: diurnal tide, semi diurnal tide, mixed tide.

Diurnal tides: this having only one high tide and low tide each day. These are called diurnal tides.

Semi diurnal tides: some tides have 2 high tides & 2 low tides & they have approximately equal heights .eg : Sri lankan costal tides .

Mixed tides: these have 2 high tides & 2 low tides but these 2 high tides are different in heights and the same is true for 2 lows.

2. Monthly tides:

1. Spring tide

2. Neap tide

Spring tides: these occur during full and new moon days. At this time earth , moon and sun are in a same line the gravitational forces of moon & sun are in the same direction when spring tides are produced. Higher high tide & lower low tide leads to highest tidal fluctuation.

Neap tides: when sun’s & moons gravitational forces are not in the same line neap tides occur .  High tide is lowest & low tide is highest leading to a lowest fluctuation.


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