Values of biodiversity

The values of biodiversity are in 2 forms

1. Direct values

2. Indirect values.


1.  Direct value can be further divided into consumptive use value & productive use value.

Consumptive use: value for goods that are consume locally.


Productive use: values for products that are sold in market.


Indirect values which are assigned to benefits provided by biological diversity include water quality, soil protection, recreation, education, scientific research, regulation of climate & providing future options for human society.


Direct economic values of biological diversity.

·         Biological resources are essential to human existence.

·         Prevention of biological diversity is important to the maintenance & improvement of agriculture, forestry, ranching, fisheries, medicine, industry & tourism.


·         Genetic diversity is useful for sustaining & increasing agricultural production.

·         Increase yield improve quality, resistance to best & disease, genetic diversity is useful in plant breeding,

·         it is important in future to cultivate new species of crops, that can produce calories protean specific mineral nutrients vitamins or fibers more efficiently than the species currently use ,

·         Insects also be protected to maintain agricultural output. Because their involve in pollination of many crop plants,

·         Wild plants and animals are important for modern medicine,

·         Wild species fungi bacteria higher plants & animals are sources for the production of medicine.

·         Wild plant and animal species are great importance to industry as source of tannins resins gums oils & dies.

·         Genetic engineering permits the transfer of genes from one species to another the extinction of any one species means a lost opportunity for transferring useful genes to other species.

·         Biological diversity is relatively low in cost and helps to preserve the means available for addressing unpredictable future problems.


Scientific value of biodiversity

·         Each species has unique physiological biochemical & population characteristic to study of which can help us to understand basic life process.

·         Their also useful in scientific research aesthetic value of biodiversity.

·         Many wild species of plants and animals are an irreplaceable source of wonder inspiration & joy to human beans.

·         because of their beauty appearance variety ,& fascinating behavior.


Ethical value of biological diversity


·          Environmental service of biological diversity

·          Creation & protection of soil.

·          Stabilization of water flow patterns

·          Amelioration of climate

·          Breakdown of pollutants.

·          Recycling of waste

·          Provisions of nurseries for economically important fisheries .

·          Barriers against weather damage.

·          Forest & other wild lands .support agricultural sector in important ways by retaining water .

·          Prevent or minimize excessive flooding during rainy periods.

·          Prevent soil erosion.

·          Mangroves, swamps benefit agricultural by encouraging accretion

·          reducing erosion by costal ways during storms

·          Forest & wild lands help maintain the productivity of irrigated agriculture they help sustain water flows during the dry season.

·          Buffer peak flows & reduce inundation of crops during the wet season.

·          They are important for maintaining adequate water supplies throughout the year in urban & rural areas.

·          In some rural areas deforestation causes ground water sources or springs to dry up..


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